Changing Mindsets Through Reading to Nurture Changemakers is what we aim for, and YOU are the agent of change!

Meet Your Tutor

Rana Dajani

I am Rana Dajani, a scientist in molecular biology, a social entrepreneur, and a natural-born teacher. Above all, I am a proud mother of four.

In 2006, I held my first reading-aloud session in my neighborhood for a group of children, hoping to contribute to shaping a better world. Magically, it worked. I wanted every child to fall in love with reading, and I aspired for every woman and man, young and old, to become leaders in their communities and to unleash their inner potential for making changes, whether small or large.

I realized that the way for a child to fall in love with reading is by having a role model, a parent who’s reading aloud to them. That's how I initiated the We Love Reading Program—a grassroots effort to cultivate a culture of reading aloud to children in their mother language, owned by the community and starting from one's home.

By enrolling in this training, you become a We Love Reading Ambassador, a living library, and a member of this extended family. And if you appreciate it, PAY IT FORWARD.

Image courtesy: UNHCR/Evelyn Hockstein

From Jordan It Started ... with more than 7000 We Love Reading Ambassadors
Asmaa Rashid

Jordan - Zaatari Syrian Refugee Camp

"It's hard to say no when they want another story. But that's also why they come back!" - Asmaa

Jameela Abu Melhem

Jordan - Jerash

"It's very rainy outside, I decided to read a story to my grandchildren, to enjoy, laugh and imagine. Sometimes, we might not be able to leave our houses for some reasons, but nothing in the world can hold our imagination from flying far away!" - Jameela

Hamzeh Abu Slaih

Jordan - Madaba

The first time I read aloud, I was hesitated and afraid that children won't commit to the session, but I succeeded, I felt I accomplished something, I felt my positive impact over them." - Hamzeh

And Now, We Love Reading Ambassadors Are in 63 Countries Around the World
Gabriela Patoska


Gabriela, who used to read to her children every night started We Love Reading in her town because she believes in the importance of reading to children.

Dina Al Mawed


“What makes me really satisfied is the feeling I have every gathering! I know that I am doing a great initiative to the disadvantaged children in my camp!" - Dina

Huong Dang


"Vietnamese children are intelligent and have a thirst for knowledge but nobody shows or guides them how to reach knowledge. I am very interested in developing children’s reading skills and I strongly believe that We Love Reading will bring significant changes for Vietnamese children." - Huong

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